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"We ensure your company has the administrative management it deserves"

Fisco Ejido team

Created in 1987 in El Ejido (Almería, Spain) by Miguel Pérez Rothemund and currently directed by Mercedes Cantón Palmero, Fiscoejido is a firmly established company in the province of Almería, which remains committed to assisting companies through a comprehensive, tailored consultancy service, so that your business can continue to grow.

Leave the tax, labour, commercial and legal matters of your company to us.
Our track record over more than 30 years providing consultancy services in El Ejido and the province of Almería, speaks for us.



to help you


years of

Amplia Experiencia

Broad Experience

Our advisory team is made up by highly qualified and specialised professionals with many years’ experience at our company, always willing to provide swift, effective solutions leading to the best results for your business.

Amplia Experiencia

Up to date legal knowledge

Keeping up to date with the latest changes in legislation requires great dedication and knowledge; that is the way we ensure the best results in your dealings with the public administrations, saving time and money for taxpayers.

Amplia Experiencia

Friendly, reachable support

We have always prided ourselves on maintaining a close, person-to-person relationship, with a commitment to service and to helping businesspeople.
A flowing, close communication with our customers helps build a trust-based relationship and contributes to the successful running of their business.

on developing
your business

Advice on tax, labour, commercial and civil issues.
Merger, split-up/spin-off or acquisition deals.

Save time and money

Save time and money

Thanks to our advice you will avoid paying more than you should and save on penalties and surcharges.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date

Changes in legislation mean a lot of work.
We keep you up to date on new legal requirements and the deadlines you need to meet at any time.

Effective handling

Effective handling

With our help you can improve your handling of labour and recruitment issues in your company.

Optimise your commercial relationship

Optimise your commercial relationship

f you are considering forming a company, merging, changing or extending your business, you can ensure a successful outcome through our expert advice.


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Constantino Street, 45, 04700 El Ejido, Almería

950 484 411

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