Tax and accounting consultancy

Tax legislation and regulation are constantly changing. Obtaining the best results in dealings with the public administrations requires considerable time and effort. Therefore, relying on the right consultancy service will save you time and money and you will avoid unnecessary waiting, paying more tax than you should or facing fines and surcharges.

We keep you updated on tax matters and run courses, at no extra cost to our customers, to explain about the tax changes potentially affecting and interesting them most, given the constant changes in legislation.

We also advise you on Tax Processing, Inspection and Collection issues, and take the necessary steps and file appropriate appeals as required in each particular case.

Tax and accounting consultancy

We give you advance warning on taxpayers’ obligations and deadlines for the main taxes.

  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for both residents and non-residents
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): general regime, simplified regime, pro rata, used assets regime (REBU)...
  • Tax filings under the Objective assessment method (Agriculture modules and other activities)
  • Wealth Transfer and Documented Legal Transactions Tax (ITP & AJD)
  • Inheritance and Donation Tax (ISD)
  • Tax on Economic Activities (IAE)
  • Tax on Assets and Rights Located Abroad
  • Annual Declaration of Transactions with Third Parties Exceeding €3,000 (form 347)
  • Declaration of Intra-EU Transactions (form 349)
  • Intrastat Declarations
  • Council Rates
  • Electricity Tax

We advise our customers who prefer to do their bookkeeping themselves, as well as those who wish us to do it for them. For outsourced accounts, we verify and check that the criteria followed are in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

We take care of other formal requirements such as: Official Accounting Ledgers, VAT Ledger, Investment Ledger Book, Preparation of Annual Accounts for filing with the Register of Companies.

Corporate restructuring deals

We offer expert advice, backed by our extensive experience in Merger, Split-Up/Spin-Off and Acquisition deals, always providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company.

Corporate restructuring deals

Labour advice

Our team will advise you throughout the entire Worker-Employer relationship, supporting the strategic management of your personnel in compliance with the applicable labour and social security regulations in all aspects relating to the Social Security’s General Regime, Special Regime for Agricultural Employees, and Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.

Our services offer the highest levels of specialisation in each labour-related area:

  • Employee selection and recruitment processes
  • Registration of companies and notification of work centre establishment
  • Labour contracts and special labour conditions (employee and self-employed worker registrations and de-registrations, reviewing and drawing up the employment contract that best serves the company’s purposes, etc.)
  • Advice on Social Security contributions and information on applicable incentives or benefits for hiring new workers
  • Preparation of payrolls and social security contributions
  • Advice on specific worker situations (maternity/paternity, unpaid leave, temporary disability, work-related accidents etc.)
  • Suspension and termination of individual employment
  • Application for benefits (Unemployment, Retirement, etc.)
  • Handling of job creation subsidy applications
  • Assisting and representing customers during Labour and Social Security Inspections

As part of our advisory service, we keep our customers updated on the most important developments on labour and judicial matters.

Labour advice

Commercial and civil legislation consultancy

Our consultancy service in this field encompasses a broad range of services and steps to ensure the greatest convenience and benefits on legal, tax and administrative issues:

  • Company law
  • Trading company formation
  • Organisation of company administration
  • Changes in articles of association (change in registered office address, change in company name, extension of corporate purpose, share capital increases and reductions)
  • Structural changes (transformations, mergers, split-ups/spin-offs, and acquisitions involving trading companies)
  • Comprehensive handling of corporate deeds including notarisation and filing with the Companies Register
  • Calling of general shareholder meetings, drawing up of minutes, and governing body certificates
  • Mandatory keeping, processing and filing of company ledgers with the Companies Register
  • Drawing up and interpreting of community estate and general partnership formation agreements, purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements and assignment of business agreements
  • Assistance with the handling of all kinds of title deeds, rural and urban land purchases and sales, taking out and cancelling mortgages, grouping, consolidation, segregation and condominium division of land plots
  • Carrying out required steps at Land Registry, Cadastre and Municipal offices
  • Completing and filing the tax forms associated with the above transactions
  • Division and consolidation of assets, donations, declarations of heirship, last will and testament certificates, certificates of inheritance (including the filing of these documents and the associated tax returns)
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